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On the Quest for Healthty Makeup Products

May 3, 2013 Green Blog No Comments
Ruthzaly Weich, Contributor

Ruthzaly Weich, Contributor







May 3, 2013

Gaithersburg, Md

By: Ruthzaly Weich

As women we are always on the quest to make ourselves look good.  Makeup is one of those things that can be very useful, sometimes indispensible. I have always loved makeup. Not just for the way it seems to improve the way I look but also for the fun of it.

A friend of mine mentioned once that she was avoiding makeup for the duration of her pregnancy and resorting to natural alternatives that did not include harmful ingredients for her baby.  Honestly, it was the first time I ever considered this.  My friend mentioned that several ingredients in makeup products had been linked to birth defects. So, when it was my turn, I brought up the conversation again. She told me what ingredients and products to be aware of. I went home to look through my makeup drawer and found that I didn’t keep the boxes that list the ingredients.  I had no idea what my makeup had or didn’t have.  So, I avoided most makeup while pregnant with my first child.

I’m once again pregnant and I don’t feel as radiant as I used to. I miss makeup but, I’m not willing to jeopardize my baby’s health over it. So, I went on a quest to find the perfect makeup and I was not prepared for what I learned. I could write volumes on this topic yet, rather than restating what is already out there I thought I will connect you to the experts who have done the research.

Recommended Readings:

The Green Beauty Guide Book by Julie Gabriel

No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connoer & Alexandra Spunt

Tools for Identifying Harmful Ingredients in Makeup Products:


 http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ A 79,000 product database of everything out there that rates the ingredient concerns.

Chemical Maze – App for Android and iphone – is a great tool for identifying harmful ingredients in almost everything and most importantly it explains what it does to your body…

Make Up Expires 

Another great piece of information I gathered specifically from reading the Green Beauty Guide book by Julie Gabriel was about the importance of checking the expiration date of the makeup products I use.  I was aware of the need to discard mascara after 6 month. Still, I learned that most moisturizes, foundations and even lipsticks have a don’t-use-past-this-date note. Products can ferment, oxidate or simply become harmful. The fact is that makeup typically includes active ingredients whose reactive life span is limited and there is very little known or research available on the topic to risk it.

Commercial vs. Homemade

My most exciting discovery through this learning process was that I can make the best facial care and makeup at home! It seemed like an impossible undertaking yet, I learned that keeping it simple is best. While discussing my readings with a friend, she told me that she has been using raw honey as a face wash and moisturizer. I have begun to use it and it is as simple as it sounds. I apply the raw honey evenly on my skin and wash it off. It has drastically improved the texture and moisture of my skin. I love that kind of solutions. Nevertheless, in this process I also learned that the foundation that I use is actually free of all unwanted ingredients. So, I have decided to do my facial skin care homemade and use safe commercial products for makeup. I may one day embark on the 100% homemade. I am not there yet, time and ability to test around what works best for me will tell. The fact is that there are great companies out there that keep the line.

Useful Links:

Commercial Products Recommendations:


Homemade Guides:




http://www.brambleberry.com – highly recommended site for ordering all unheard-of ingredients.


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