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Let’s Not Forget About Global Warming

November 7, 2012 Green Blog No Comments


Naomi Bloc






November 7, 2012

Potomac, Md

By: Naomi Bloch

After a bit of a gap in my posts, this one was going to be about the recent conference my husband and I attended up in Boston, October 24 – 25.  The name of the conference was: “Transportation Weight Loss Diet Conference 2012”.  www.transportationWeightLossDiet.com

My husband gave a talk about reducing the weight in automobiles without compromising safety, or even size.  A large portion of the conference dealt with modern trains and other modes of public transportation, which was of particular interest to me because of my concerns for the future.

Then Sandy hit.  Four months to the day after the Derecho storm hit our area and damaged our oldest daughter ‘s townhome in Silver Spring.  She is still living at our house, until the repairs to her place are finally finished.  At least our daughter had our home to come to.  My heart breaks for all the people who lost their homes in the New Jersey/New York area and who don’t have a similar alternative.

Image of the “Derecho” storm that hit our area back on, June 29, 2012:

An image showing the sheer size of “Sandy”, that brought unimaginable destruction to the Eastern Coast of the United States, on October 29, 2012:


I don’t know about you, but when these “once-in-a-lifetime” storms start hitting us every few months, then I am guessing that we are indeed in for a very bumpy ride in the years ahead.

And merely re-building what was wiped away cannot be what the powers-that-be do from now on.

Just days after Sandy hit, I read this very interesting and authoritative article in USA Todayhttp://coastalcare.org/2012/10/sandy-reminds-us-of-coastal-hazards-by-robert-young/

Professor Young, along with so many other scientists has been trying for many years  to get us to not only understand the new climate realities, but to get our policy-makers to actually take it seriously enough to start addressing the problem in some meaningful way.

Will our elected officials see this as the total “game changer” it is?

I believe that they are all sincere people, but our system gives far too much access and influence to the powerful corporate interests who hire legions of lobbyists to make sure that no policies are advanced that would dare compromise their “bottom line” – their all-important profits.

When it comes to the entire issue of Climate Change, I believe that the reasons why there is this national policy paralysis is that the oil and gas industries think it better to simply create enough doubt about the science than to actually change anything about the way they do business.

It is an outrage to me that even with something as monumental as the fate of our planet and species, that protecting corporate profits is still all that seems to matter!

Here is a link to another very good article by Bill McKibben about a new national consumer campaign on what our country needs to be doing, post “Sandy”: http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=D3D50173-7E3F-4DDC-83D7-549AD974B831

We can no longer wait for something or someone from up above to come fix this for us.  Yes, the sheer scale of this problem does require that actual solutions come from every level of society.  But we cannot wait any longer.  We all have to do our own individual best to be part of the solution.  For our children and their children, we need to come together to discuss ways to change this paradigm in our own lives and communities.

Happily, there are already communities around the world doing just this sort of work.

Yesterday, (November 6th), in addition to voting, I participated in a phone conference http://www.transitionus.org/event/reconomy-project to discuss a template called, REconomy that was established in the United Kingdom and that has now come to the United States.

I will update you on what I learn!

Check out this link for Transition Towns U.S. and I hope that you are as inspired as I am already by the potential this offers for us.


I do think that this could be a very good model for us right in Montgomery County.

I have already talked about how inspiring it is to know of so many people, communities and actions that are taking place right here in our own area toward creating a more sustainable future.

So often, what is the most paralyzing is simply not knowing how or where to start, right?

Well, we can no longer afford to be stuck in this mode.  We must begin to move toward the solutions in any and every way that we can, and I believe we can do this best by doing it together.

I will be staying on this topic, because I do believe that there is no more critical issue in our time than this one.

I will share with you what I am learning and ask that you also do the same.  Blogs work best when they generate a “conversation” within the community.

Let us link arms as we head into the uncharted territory that is our new normal, together.











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